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We are glad to announce that we are now supplying these excellent budget units.

A great start to help you convert your van.

These units are cut by CNC routers from 12mm moisture resistant MDF.

Unlike other units on here built from heavy 15 or 18mm material, these weigh the same as light weight veneered ply.

Units are assembled very easily with minifix connectors (see Picture below) not with cheap plastic blocks.

Designed to be used with 3/4 R&R Beds.

Dimensions are:

Front 1475mm wide, 735mm high & 440mm deep (includes a 10mm lip on top)
Rear 940mm wide, 1240mm high & 440mm deep (includes a 10mm lip on top)

They are flat packed and unfinished ready for you to paint, wrap, veneer or whatever your choice of finish is.

Hinges & minifix connectors supplied as in the pictures but no other hardware.

No internal shelves or dividing panels.
Units will require scribing to the sides of your van.

Budget Unit LWB

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